Federica Di Pietrantonio  federicadipiet was born in 1996 in Rome, where she currently lives and works. She studied Painting at RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts graduating in 2019, and carried out her research-thesis spending free time at KASK (Ghent, Belgium). In 2017 she was selected for Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale and the following year she joined Spazio In Situ, an artist-run space and shared co-working space located in the Roman suburb of Tor Bella Monaca. In 2020 she won the special Emerging prize of the Fondazione Cultura e Arte, in occasion of the XIII edition of the Talent Prize promoted by Inside Art magazine, an award that sees her among the finalists also in the subsequent editions of 2021 and 2022. In 2021 she’s been selected by NAM – Not a Museum for the Superblast residency at Manifattura Tabacchi (Florence). In 2022 she participated in VRAL #49 as part of the Milan Machinima Festival and was invited to present her work at the MEET – Digital Culture Center in Milan on the occasion of the international conference The New Atlas of Digital Art. From 2018 the collaboration with Andrea Frosolini gives life to ISIT (independent editorial project and curatorial platform) and the artistic couple AFFDP. Di Pietrantonio has exhibited in private and institutional spaces, including Manifattura Tabacchi (Florence), Las Palmas (Lisbon), Una Vetrina (Rome), Temple University Gallery (Rome), The Gallery Apart (Rome), Spazio In Situ (Rome) , TILT (Renens, Switzerland), GAM – Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Roma Capitale (Rome), Virginia Bianchi Gallery (online), Adiacenze (Bologna, IT), ADI Design Museum (Milan), FMAV – Fondazione Modena Arti Visive (Modena, IT). Among the personal exhibitions, highlight in particular everynight i try to find the light but sometimes it’s too cold at the smART Foundation – Polo per l’Arte in Rome (2022), the duo show with Andrea Frosolini dumpster love youself at Adiacenze in Bologna, lost in myst project in Celleno (VT) (2021) and my life as yours at The Gallery Apart Rome (2020).

Federica Di Pietrantonio’s artistic research focuses on relations and processes born through simulated/virtual realities, social platforms and videogames.
The videogame draws the limits of the artistic process, where standardization of personality and the illusion of our individuality take simultaneously place into free modalities of relation and interaction. The virtual experience is nowadays a verified builder of our memory, it has an active role, though part of it lead on by melancholy, in the
individual/collective construction of the present.
The body is a recognition device able to identify yourself and the virtual alter-egos; a device no longer permanently defined but involved in a continuous process of creation and destruction. Assuming the correspondence between avatar and alter-ego, ad absurdum the avatar is ego itself. The sublime act of finding ourselves into others appears as a closed cyclic structure, hopeless.
Her work often fluctuates between the perceived reality and the fictional quality of the virtual devices, stubbornly trying to break the frail securities our contemporary society offers.
Though illusion is a paradise to wander, the experience brutally faces reality. A foregone crash. My freedom ends as an offer to the spectator.

since 2020 artist at The Gallery Apart, Rome



Sep 2018 / Jan 2019 – thesis research at KASK, Ghent, Belgium

2016 / 2018 – Painting bachelor, RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts

2013 / 2015 – Painting class, RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts

experiences and residencies 

upcoming – residency at SODA – School of Digital Arts (Manchester) in collaboration with Quadriennale Roma

2022 – D3CAM3R0N3, residency, curated by Francesca Cornacchini in collaboration with Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Casco dell’Acqua (Trevi), Italy

2021 – SUPERBLAST, residency, NAM – Not a Museaum, Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence, Italy

2021 – search what you see, Il Crepaccio, curated by Caroline Corbetta, IG

2019 – Play Date / Vacation Spot in Gent, atelier residency, Gouvernement, Ghent, Belgium

2018 – V_AIR artist in residence, curated by Martina Corgnati, MUST Museo del territorio, Vimerate (MB), Italy


upcoming – 69. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Germany

2022 – Sorethroat, solo screening, text by Alessandra Ioalè, hosted by MockJungle (metochè), Cappella di Santa Maria dei Carcerati in Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologne, Italy

2022 – VRAL #49, curated by Milan Machinima Festival, introduced by Gemma Fantacci

2022 – Milan Machinima Festival MMXXII, screening, Milan and online


2022 – Prime Time II, a conversation with Gemma Fantacci, Fondazione smArt – Polo per l’Arte, curated by Magic Lantern Film Festival

2022 – The New Atlas of Digital Art, european meeting, work presentation, MEET – Digital Culture Center, Milan, Italy, 2022

2021 – Diritti d’Artista: Psiche, Diritti, Arte e Adolescenti, curated by Redipsi and Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, 2021


2023 – Mention at Premio Conai 2023, II edition

2022 – Finalist at Talent Prize 2022

2021 – Premio Montani Tesei, ArtVerona

2021 – Level 0, ArtVerona (selected by Luca Molinari, M9-Museo del ‘900 di Mestre (Venezia)

2021 – Finalist at Premio Casarini Due Torri Hotel (painting/under35)

2021 – Finalist at Talent Prize 2021

2021 – Finalist at 21° Premio Cairo

2021 – Finalist at Matteo Olivero Prize (from advisor Domenico Quaranta)

2021 – Lazio Contemporaneo by Lazio Innova / Regione Lazio

2020 – Best Young Emergent Artist by Artribune

2020 – Talent Prize 2020 Special Mention by Fondazione Cultura e Arte

art fairs

2023 – Main Section with The Gallery Apart, Arte Fiera Bologna

2022 – Main Section with The Gallery Apart, ArtVerona

2021 – LAB1 Section with Spazio In Situ, ArtVerona

2021 – Pages Section with ISIT, ArtVerona

2021 – Evolution Section with The Gallery Apart, ArtVerona 

2021 – Svuota Magazzino curated by Porter Ducrist, Spazio In Situ at LAB1 curated by Giada Floris, ArtVerona

solo exhibitions

2022 – everynight i try to find the light but sometimes its too cold, Fondazione smART – Polo per l’Arte, in occasion of Prime Time II, curated by Magic Lantern Film Festival, Rome, Italy

2021 – lost in myst, Celleno (Viterbo), Italy

2020 – my life as yours, The Gallery Apart, Rome, Italy

2019 – OPENCALL.online, Una Vetrina, Rome, Italy

2019 – Vacation Spot in Gent, Gouvernement, Ghent, Belgium

2019 – Vacation Spot in Gent (Back to Rome), Rufa Space, Pastificio Cerere, Rome, Italy

group exhibitions

2023 –  Is this real? L’arte nell’epoca della Game Engine Culture, curated by Valentino Catricalà, FMAV – Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, Modena, Italy

2023 – D3CAM3R0N3, curated by Maurizio Coccia and Mara Predicatori, Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Trevi (Perugia), Italy

2023 – Il Personale è Politico, il Politico è Personale, curated by Tiziano Tancredi, Congresso Spi Cgil, Verona, Italy

2023 – Arte Circolare, curated by Spazio Taverna, Premio CONAI 23, MAXXI, Rome, Italy 

2022 – Talent Prize 2022, curated by Inside Art, Museo delle Mura, Rome, Italy

2022 – Environmentalism Without Politics is Gardening, curated by Erica Petrillo, ADI Design Museum, Milan, Italy

2022 – Lorem Ipsum, a collective exhibition without a theme, curated by Irene Sofia Comi, Spazio In Situ, Rome, Italy

2022 – i am a broken mirror, curated by Giuliana Benassi in collaboration with Studio11, Palazzo Orsini, Bomarzo (Viterbo), Italy

2022 – Collettiva#02, Monitor Pereto, Pereto (Aquila), Italy

2022 – PLAY/PAUSE a contemporary art arcade, curated by RabbitHole Collective, Chisenhale Studios, London

2022 – dumpster love yourself, duo show with Andrea Frosolini, curated by Alessandra Ioalè, Adiacenze, Bologne, Italy

2022 – The Milky Way. VERA, curated by Damiana Leoni, Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, Rome

2021 – Materia Nova, curated by Massimo Mininni, GAM – Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Roma Capitale, Rome, Italy

2021 – CONTENT#01, duo show with Alessandro Calizza, text by Davide Silvioli, Struttura, Rome, Italy

2021 – Talent Prize 2021, curated by Inside Art, Museo delle Mura, Rome, Italy

2021 – There’s no place like home, curated by Giuliana Benassi, Rome, Italy

2021 – IperSitu, curated by Daniela Cotimbo, Spazio In Situ, Rome, Italy

2021 – Superblast, curated by Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni, Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence, Italy [catalogue by NERO editions]

2021 – Get a Life!, curated by OffTopic, CityLab971, Rome, Italy

2021 – Made in Italy, curated by Porter Ducrist, Renens, Switzerland

2021 – Sottosopra. La lettura del reale tra le crete di questa realtà, curated by Alessandra Ioalè, online

2021 – Subterranean Virtualscapes, Virginia Bianchi Gallery, online

2020 – <=/SPAC3, curated by Porter Ducrist, Spazio In Situ, Rome, Italy

2020 – 10cents project – Zero Edition, curated by Giuseppina Giordano, Mazara del Vallo, Italy

2019 – What kind of perversion i’m showing off, curated by Porter Ducrist, Spazio In Situ, Rome, Italy

2019 – Reality Check, Las Palmas Project, Lisbon

2019 – Internet Yami-Ichi, curated by Metoché and Sofia Braga, DAS – Dispositivo Arti Sperimentali, Bologne, Italy

2019 – All’interno del barattolo, curated by Porter Ducrist, Temple Gallery, Rome, Italy

2019 – Chilometro 0, curated by Porter Ducrist, The Gallery Apart, Rome, Italy

2019 – Fuori-GRA, curated by Sara Fiorelli, Spazio In Situ, Rome, Italy

2018 – Digital video wall x Generazione Critica #6, curated by Metronom, ex Centrale AEM Modena, Italy

2018 – Out of space, curated by Porter Ducrist, Spazio In Situ, Rome, Italy

2017 – Anticamera, curated by Elena Castiglia, Rufa Space, Pastificio Cerere, Rome, Italy

2017 – Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale, Former Embassy of Ex Jugoslavia, Tirana, Albany


2022 – ISIT.tourn33, curated by ISIT, Adiacenze, Bologne, Italy 

2021 – PON THE REPLAY, curated by ISIT, part of MockJungle curated by metoché, Bologne, Italy

2021 – All the wrong things are on fire, Pages Section, curated by Ginevria Bria, Artverona

2021 – ISIT.exhi#001, curated by ISIT, Spazio In Situ, Rome, Italy

2018/ongoing – ISIT.magazine, Contemporary Art Magazine, co-founder and co-editor


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